Learn more about the world of mailgirls, find more resources and literature on the trend, and how your company can get involved.


Meet the mailgirls and see how they look in uniform


Find out what people are saying about the new mailgirls program. Leaders in their field chime in about the phenomenon.


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R. Wellvyne is an erotica author with a passion for ENF, BDSM and exhibitionism. For now, he writes character-driven stories about mailgirls: naked office delivery girls. 


“R. Wellvyne’s Mailgirls: Evolution is an enjoyable, well-written read for those, like me, who eagerly await new tales from the Mailgirls universe.  He employs many of the same traditions introduced into the genre by previous writers while putting his own unique spin on them.  Highly recommended and I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes it in the future.”

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