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Naked office delivery mailgirls are sweeping the nation.

What began as an impossibility became a novelty, became a fad, became a part of American business culture; and is on the verge of becoming law.

Now, three women find themselves stepping out of their clothes and into the world of mailgirls. Collared, numbered and subservient to every person in their office, they each come to discover who they are and what they want.

Don’t miss this scorching story of workplace submission and dominance, embarrassed naked females (ENF) and sexual control.


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Seven sizzling stories by seven amazing authors.


Mailgirls is a simple concept of naked women delivering messages, but in the hands of these authors, it becomes so much more. Don’t miss these scorching stories that expand the genre in exciting new directions. You’ll read of a time traveling mailgirl, the first ever guy to join the girls, a couple who can’t get enough of the new trend and others too wild to spoil.


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Featuring stories by 

C. Vallade 

D.H. Jonathan 



Sarah-Beth Daniels

Stacey Shackleton 



Will she be able to keep her secrets, or will the house of cards come crashing down?


Eliza Watson is on top of the world.

Her blood testing company is one of the fastest growing businesses in Silicon Valley and she is a rising star. Her wealth is exceeded only by her ambition, but there is a dark secret behind her success.

As Eliza’s web of lies begins to unravel, every decision she has made, including bringing naked female couriers to her company, threatens to expose her.

Will Eliza be able to keep herself and her company safe or will she pay for what she has done?

Find out in Founder’s Fate: The Mailgirls of Silicon Valley, a steamy story of sexual control, office dominance and public exposure.

Will she bare is all to get the scoop?

Gabriella has the opportunity of a lifetime when she is granted an exclusive interview with a member Mailgirl Enterprises, the company famous for its naked female couriers. Gabby gets more than she bargained for, and the interview becomes something completely unexpected. Soon, she is the one in the spotlight and has to choose how much she is willing to give up to become a star.

Don’t miss this scorching story of public nudity, embarrassed naked females (ENF) and sexual control.

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Testing the Mailgirl.jpg

Mailgirl Number Thirteen’s life is about to get rough.

After being caught intentionally underperforming at work, the naked office courier is in for a world of hurt. She accepts a new mailgirl position and experiences humiliation, pain and pleasure in a way she never thought possible. She also discovers things about herself that she would never have expected.

Don't miss this dark journey into the underbelly of the mailgirls program.

Testing the Mailgirl is intended for an adult audience and contains office domination, submission, BDSM and extreme situations.

When Bree Morris decides she wants to work as a naked office courier, her best friend tries to dissuade her by showing her that it would be too humiliating. Through a series of increasingly embarrassing, and decreasingly clothed challenges, Bree discovers if she really is cut out for the life of a mailgirl.

Don’t miss this hot story of public nudity, embarrassed naked females (ENF) and sexual control.

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image0 (12).jpeg
Send Boos.jpg

How little clothing still counts as a costume?

Jess is not the kind of girl who would ever work as a naked office mailgirl. But when a local radio station runs a unique Halloween costume contest with a massive grand prize, Jess makes a choice that could change her and her boyfriend’s life for good. Don’t miss this spooky, sexy tale with plenty of public nudity, Halloween fun and steamy hookups.

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© 2021 by R. Wellvyne

Art by SliceReality

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