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Praise for Mailgirls: Evolution

"Mailgirls Evolution is a fun, sexy story that dives deep into the Mailgirls Universe, in a way that both arouses the reader but also provides real emotion, background and personalities to the characters. We actually get to care about these people while we see the next evolution of Mailgirls Enterprises play out in front of us, and even when naked the women still get some agency in their own life story. Giving us compelling characters such as Seven, R Wellvyne demonstrates a great touch for true erotic drama."

-Stacy Shackleton (Author of the Dress-Off Series)


"Welcome to the world of naked Mailgirls. In Mailgirls: Evolution, readers will grow to care about the characters, in extreme situations that are both thought provoking and stimulating."

-D.H. Jonathan (Author of The "Volunteer")

"R. Wellvyne’s Mailgirls: Evolution is an enjoyable, well-written read for those, like me, who eagerly await new tales from the Mailgirls universe.  He employs many of the same traditions introduced into the genre by previous writers while putting his own unique spin on them.  Highly recommended and I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes it in the future.


-Seahawk (Author of Confessions of a Mailgirl)

© 2021 by R. Wellvyne

Art by SliceReality

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