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The Girls

Characters from Mailgirls: Evolution

Mailgirl 7

Stephanie Davis was the first mailgirl at Titan Industries and continues to blaze new trails in the field. Young and enthusiastic, she is a wonderful ambassador for the program.


Mailgirl 5

Lorelei Bellecourt is Titan Industries best mailgirl in terms of efficiency and worst in terms of attitude. Though she works harder than any other girl, she is not a long-term fit for the mailgirls program.


Mailgirl 2

Originally from Australia, Olivia Peters was reluctant to leave her job in the Finance Department. But after deciding to join the mailgirls program, she is the first in a new wave and represents the future of the program.

Danielle Brick

As the Senior Vice President of Mailgirl Development at Mailgirl Enterprises, Dani understands the program better than anyone and is overseeing many advancements as the program is evolving.

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